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Dear Songwriter,

Are you yearning to write more songs, conquer writer's block, and enhance your songwriting skills?

If so, this letter might just be the breakthrough you need.

Imagine your dreams of a fulfilling songwriting journey, collaborating with talented musicians, and earning recognition for your craft turning into reality.

That's right.

You're closer than you think to writing high-quality songs efficiently and gaining the accolades you deserve.

Wave goodbye to creative blockades and the frustration of unrecognized talent.

With our program, your ideas will effortlessly turn into remarkable songs.

You’ll no longer be shackled by outdated, inefficient processes.

Embrace a future where you rapidly progress, nurturing your creativity and finding true fulfillment in your craft.

Starting today, you can be the confident songwriter who skillfully transforms ideas into captivating songs.

Join a journey filled with gratification, unique creativity, and industry recognition.

The Harsh Reality

A recent survey revealed a startling trend: many songwriters are trapped in the clutches of writer's block, their creativity stifled by their own minds.

They aspire to create, but their ideas remain caged, leading to stagnation and disappointment.

Studies, like one from the Musicians' Institute, back this up.

Common obstacles such as writer's block and inefficient songwriting practices are thwarting songwriters’ growth and potential.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Perhaps you’ve felt this frustration.

Your attempts to write more and gain recognition lead to feeling stuck, slow progress, and missed opportunities.

The lack of acknowledgment and stagnation can be overwhelming.

You might feel that no matter how hard you try, writer's block is an insurmountable barrier.

But There's A Reason Why

If this resonates with you, know that you're not alone.

And it’s not your fault if previous attempts at songwriting didn't pan out.

The real culprit?

A lack of resources and support has misled you with notions of perfectionism and waiting for inspiration.

Spending too much time on one song can lead to burnout, while waiting for inspiration results in inconsistency and missed chances.

These approaches are a gamble, not a strategy.

That's why this letter could be a pivotal moment in your songwriting career.

Give it some thought.

Read it again.

Then decide if this is as important as other songwriters are saying it is…

“Your Roadmap to Songwriting Success”

Hello, I'm Graham English, a Berklee-certified Songwriting Master with over 35 years of experience in music education.

I've been coaching songwriters for more than a decade and am the best-selling author of Logic Pro For Dummies.

In the past 11 years, I've dedicated myself to helping songwriters, musicians, and creative souls transform their raw ideas into high-quality songs and achieve recognition in the music industry.

My mission?

To help you write more, overcome writer's block, sharpen your songwriting skills, and gain confidence in your craft – all while polishing your lyrics into platinum-quality songs.

My clients and students are living proof.

They've achieved success and recognition, found joy and independence in their songwriting, and grown personally and professionally through their music.

Their inspiring stories are a testament to what's possible. Check them out below.

I'm excited to share with you this blueprint I've crafted for musicians and creatives facing challenges. A plan that...

Empowers You To Unleash Your Full Songwriting Potential and Experience Seamless Creativity

You might be surprised to learn how attainable this is.

Through my extensive research and analysis of hundreds of case studies, I've dissected the pathways to success of numerous musicians I've assisted over the years.

I've pinpointed what accelerated their journey to success.

During this research, I uncovered a compelling insight: When songwriters embrace modern tools and techniques, coupled with proper guidance, their creative barriers collapse.

They start producing quality songs rapidly, igniting both their professional and personal growth, leading to a more enriched and satisfying songwriting experience.

Here’s the key takeaway:

Adopting contemporary songwriting methods and tools is more than keeping up with trends.

It's about igniting your creativity, breaking through creative blocks, and opening new pathways for growth in the music industry.

This approach doesn’t just refine your songwriting – it revolutionizes your entire creative process, leading to a fulfilling, self-driven journey towards industry recognition.

You'll transform into a prolific, confident songwriter faster than you ever thought possible.

The Misguided Quest for Perfection in Songwriting

If spending countless hours perfecting a song was the solution, wouldn't writer's block be a thing of the past?

Ahh, if only it were that simple.

Is it really about being blessed with innate songwriting talent?

Or clinging to traditional methods that have worked for others?

You're likely not turning a blind eye to new trends and technologies in songwriting.

In fact, how could you in today's fast-evolving music world?

Let me share a bit of my own journey, a time when I was in the same spot as you are now.

I recall those days of intense focus, dedicating endless hours to perfecting every note and lyric.

I believed that this relentless pursuit of perfection was my ticket to overcoming writer's block.

But, what did it actually do? It intensified the block.

The pressure I put on myself stifled all creativity.

Looking back, my obsession with perfection was akin to running endlessly on a hamster wheel – constantly moving but getting nowhere.

It's no surprise then that these conventional solutions haven't helped you write more songs as you had hoped.

And it's no wonder that those deemed to have 'natural talent' appear to achieve success effortlessly, while you find yourself struggling to match their pace.

But what if there's another way? A path not dictated by these false notions of what songwriting should be?

Let's explore that possibility...

Embrace Change and Unlock Your Songwriting Potential

Step into the role of a prolific and confident songwriter, and do it without the shadow of fear or self-doubt clouding your abilities.

As a songwriter or creative individual, you might have reservations about adopting new songwriting methods.

Worries that they won't be effective or doubts about your capacity to adapt are common.

But let's face it, these concerns are natural.

Turning ideas into quality songs is a widespread challenge.

However, I'm here to introduce a unique method that doesn't demand drastic changes or mastering complex techniques overnight.

Let's address the fear of change head-on.

Research indicates that this fear can lead to creative stagnation, narrowing the scope of your artistic expression and hindering your growth and evolution as a songwriter.

Instead of being apprehensive about change, consider embracing subtle, gradual shifts in your creative process.

This might involve experimenting with various songwriting structures, drawing inspiration from the works of others, or allowing yourself the freedom to create 'rough drafts' that can be refined later.

This refreshed, relaxed approach can be a game-changer.

A study in the Journal of Creative Behavior found that creatives who were adaptable in their methods and receptive to new approaches were not only more productive but also more satisfied with their work.

When you start recognizing your capacity for growth and evolution in songwriting, you edge closer to realizing your aspirations of being acknowledged as a successful and prolific songwriter.

You move away from the fear of unrealized potential.

So, instead of feeling creatively trapped or frustrated by a lack of recognition, you can comfortably enhance your songwriting skills, craft quality songs, and bask in the sense of achievement and pride that comes with it.

Introducing the Speed Songwriting Mastery Program

Transform your songwriting journey with the Speed Songwriting Mastery Program – the ultimate solution for aspiring songwriters like you.

This program empowers you to become a prolific, confident songwriter, turning your creative thoughts into quality songs swiftly and efficiently, all without the usual doubts or fears of change.

Imagine being able to write quality songs quickly, gain industry recognition, and tap into the vast opportunities of modern songwriting – and doing it all without relying solely on inherent talent or traditional methods.

Sounds incredible, doesn't it?

We've all experienced the struggle of overcoming writer's block and improving our songwriting skills, often with limited success.

It can make the dream of succeeding in music, particularly in songwriting, seem out of reach.

But that changes now!

The Speed Songwriting Mastery Program is not just another course.

It's a revolution in songwriting education.

Say goodbye to endless hours waiting for inspiration or sticking to the same old writing techniques.

Forget about overlooking the latest trends and technologies in the music industry.

Curious about how this program simplifies songwriting?

It's packed with innovative features like Digital Tools and Online Collaboration.

Our Digital Tools are specifically crafted to streamline your songwriting process. They break down complex concepts into simple, actionable steps.

No more solitary struggles with melodies or lyrics!

Online Collaboration connects you with a global community of skilled songwriters. This means you're not just depending on your muse for inspiration.

Exchange ideas, receive feedback, and learn from the best in the industry!

One of our standout features is the introduction of innovative techniques that transform the songwriting process.

Prepare to challenge your limits and expand your creative horizons beyond what you thought was possible.

Worried these new techniques might be too advanced?

Don't be.

Our program is designed to deliver results whether you're a complete novice or a seasoned songwriter stuck in a creative rut.

These are the same strategies I've used to write more songs and conquer writer's block.

I've shared them with countless songwriters, helping them enhance their craft.

I'm confident these songwriting secrets will work wonders for you too.

Let's embark on this transformative songwriting journey together!

Discover How Speed Songwriting Is Transforming Lives!

Witness the transformative journey of our members who have revolutionized their songwriting careers with the Speed Songwriting Mastery Program.

Meet Ashley Wolfe, a remarkable talent who embraced our program and is now living her dream. Thanks to Speed Songwriting, she’s creating songs at an incredible pace, much to the amazement of her peers. Her lyrics are touching hearts everywhere, catapulting her onto a swift path to success.

Ashley Wolfe Testimonial


Then there's Chris Thompson, whose story is nothing short of inspirational. With the tools and techniques from Speed Songwriting, he's crafting contest-winning songs, setting an example for aspiring artists in the industry.

Chris Thompson Testimonial

Our community is brimming with stories like Michelle Katz. Since joining Speed Songwriting, her output has skyrocketed, proving that becoming a prolific songwriter is an achievable goal.

Michelle Katz Testimonial

Ahmad Washington’s experience is a further endorsement of our program's impact. With Speed Songwriting's support, Ahmad has honed his ability to craft song structures that narrate compelling stories. His journey from an aspiring artist to a celebrated songwriter is truly inspirational.

Ahmad Washington Testimonial

I have an extensive collection of success stories just like these.

Are you ready to carve out your own success story?

Dive into our comprehensive songwriting program and unleash your creative potential.

Transition from a hopeful enthusiast to a masterful songwriter, experiencing the transformative effects of the Speed Songwriting Mastery Program.

Unlock Your Songwriting Genius with the Speed Songwriting Mastery Program

  • Dive into an extraordinary learning adventure where your simple ideas evolve into captivating, unforgettable songs that resonate with every listener.
  • Shine brightly in the music industry, not just as a songwriter, but as a creative powerhouse, gaining wide recognition and admiration for your prolific and impactful compositions.
  • Stay at the forefront of songwriting by mastering cutting-edge techniques, utilizing innovative tools, and engaging with dynamic platforms that are shaping the future of modern songwriting.
  • Gain invaluable wisdom and insights from accomplished songwriters who have transcended their creative limits, employing potent techniques for remarkable growth in their craft.
  • Elevate your songwriting abilities to unprecedented levels. Witness your personal and professional growth skyrocket as your songs leave indelible marks on the hearts and minds of your audience.
  • Overcome any hesitancy in exploring new creative realms. Master your newfound methods with confidence, creating songs that deeply resonate with listeners.
  • Bask in the unparalleled satisfaction and pride that comes from independently crafting premium quality songs that not only meet, but surpass industry standards.
  • Watch as your focused creativity blossoms into diverse masterpieces, unlocking your potential to create cross-genre songs that showcase your versatility as a songwriter.
  • Learn to channel your overflowing ideas into rapidly produced, polished songs, transforming a whirlwind of thoughts into harmonious symphonies.
  • And there’s more! Uncover hidden facets of your creative spirit. Embrace these proven strategies and techniques to amplify your songwriting journey, forging a flourishing path towards continuous success.

Your Exclusive Opportunity to Join the Speed Songwriting Mastery Program

You're likely wondering about the investment required for such a transformative program.

I understand your concern.

You've seen other songwriting methods priced exorbitantly, sometimes even double or triple the figure you might expect.

You might be bracing yourself for a price tag of around $297 for the Speed Songwriting Mastery Program.

But here's the surprise:

While this program's value easily surpasses those pricier alternatives, we're not asking for such a high investment.

Why is this program so invaluable?

The Speed Songwriting Mastery Program is the ultimate solution for songwriters looking to break through creative barriers, free from fears and doubts.

It's your one-stop answer to all songwriting challenges.

You've seen the glowing testimonials.

And the incredible value-added bonuses are just the cherry on top.

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You won't be paying anywhere near those steep prices.

Not three times more.

Not even a quarter less.

Not even half of that!

Act now, and your investment is just $150.

That’s a real saving of over $147, almost a 50% discount!

You're aware of the value here.

Choosing other routes like songwriting classes or collaborations with professional songwriters could cost you double or triple this amount, without any guarantee of success or recognition.

Ask yourself: isn't the opportunity to transcend traditional songwriting limits worth at least $150 to you?


And that's not even factoring in the ability to swiftly transform ideas into finished songs and enhance your songwriting efficiency!

So, click "Get Started" before this special introductory price vanishes.

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This is your golden chance to write more, conquer writer's block, and elevate your songwriting skills while achieving complete fulfillment as a songwriter.

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Exclusive Bonuses When You Join the Speed Songwriting Mastery Program

  • Bonus #1: Join the Speed Songwriting Club

Imagine being part of a vibrant community where everyone shares the same mission: to craft beautiful, compelling music at an extraordinary pace.

Tap into a treasure trove of knowledge, get constructive feedback, and supercharge your songwriting skills faster than you've ever imagined.

Instead of isolating yourself, hoping for inspiration...'ll be part of an energetic collective, a hive-mind of creativity and ideas.

This is a space where songs are not just written but are born from collaboration.

Here, you're constantly supported as you hone your craft and create music that truly resonates with listeners.

  • Bonus #2: Enhance Your Skills with Speed Songwriting With AI

Leverage the incredible capabilities of artificial intelligence to elevate your songwriting.

Discover AI tools that can generate melodies, offer chord progression suggestions, and even critique your lyrics, helping you transition smoothly from a raw idea to a polished song.

Instead of spending hours trying to nail that perfect lyric or melody...'ll have access to cutting-edge AI technology, an invaluable asset in your creative process.

Your songs will come to life quicker, with mesmerizing melodies and profound lyrics.

It's like having a personal songwriting mentor at your side, every step of the way.

These bonuses, with a combined retail value of $594, are yours for free – a special gift to you for taking action today!

Your Risk-Free Opportunity with the Speed Songwriting Mastery Program

Step into the Speed Songwriting Mastery Program with complete confidence, knowing you’re fully backed by our ironclad guarantee.

Experience the transformative power of advanced music, songwriting, and creative writing techniques.

Feel the remarkable impact on your skills, all with the security of our 30-day money-back guarantee.

We stand firmly behind this program.

We're confident that you will write more songs, conquer writer's block, and significantly enhance your songwriting skills.

And if you don’t see the improvements we've promised, we’ll refund your investment, no questions asked.

That's a commitment you can trust.

Act Now to Lock In the Special Reduced Price

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Act swiftly and secure your spot for only $150.

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Are you ready to take this transformative step in your songwriting journey?


Your dedicated Songwriting Coach,
Graham English

P.S. If you’re still contemplating the Speed Songwriting Mastery Program, rest assured, I’ve got your back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions...

  • q-iconWhat is the Speed Songwriting Mastery Program?

    The Speed Songwriting Mastery Program is a unique, in-depth course designed to hone your songwriting skills in a much faster way than traditional methods. It’s created with the goal of accelerating your learning process, building your confidence, and helping you write songs with greater ease and efficiency.

  • q-iconHow can this program improve my songwriting ability?

    This program is structured around proven techniques and strategies that many successful songwriters use. It’s going to teach you ways to brainstorm your ideas faster, create memorable melodies more easily, and improve your lyrical prowess significantly.

  • q-iconWhat kind of music genres does this program cover?

    The Speed Songwriting Mastery Program covers a wide range of music genres. No matter if your passion is in pop, rock, country, hip-hop, or even classical, this program has the right guidance for you to excel in your preferred genre.

  • q-iconDo I need to have prior experience in songwriting to enroll in this program?

    No, you don’t. The program is designed to cater to songwriters of all levels. Whether you are just starting out or already have experience, the Speed Songwriting Mastery Program can offer invaluable tips and exercises to sharpen your skills and increase your songwriting speed.

  • q-iconHow long does the program last?

    The duration of the program is not rigid. It’s a self-paced course, which means you can go through the lessons and exercises at your own pace. This flexibility ensures you can absorb everything without feeling rushed.

  • q-iconAre there any hands-on practices or tasks?

    Yes, absolutely! The Speed Songwriting Mastery Program strongly emphasizes on practical learning. The program includes numerous exercises and tasks to help you apply what you’re learning and get relevant feedback, allowing for continuous improvement.

  • q-iconIs this program online or do I need to be physically present?

    The whole program is delivered online, which means it’s accessible from anywhere. You just need an internet connection. This eliminates travel costs and allows you to learn in the comfort of your own environment.

  • q-iconWhat if I want extra guidance or have questions during the program?

    The program provides a supportive community with access to guidance and help. Feel free to raise your questions or seek advice from the community anytime you need.

  • q-iconWhat is the cost of the Speed Songwriting Mastery Program?

    The pricing details depend on the availability and current promotions. We encourage you to visit our order form to get the most recent and accurate information about the cost of the program.

  • q-iconHow can I register for the Speed Songwriting Mastery Program?

    Registering for the program is simple. Just go to our order form, provide the required information, and follow the prompts. Soon, you’ll be on your way to mastering the art of Speed Songwriting!