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The Most-Used Words Of The 2016 Billboard Hot 100 Songs

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This word cloud contains the most-used words of the Billboard Hot 100 songs in 2016. 🎙📊

And the trend continues...

The charts are NSFW. 😳

Aside from entertainment value, you can use this word cloud to inspire a new song (regardless of your interest in the Hot 100). Here's how...

  • Spot trends. If you're a pop songwriter, these words can help you put your finger on pulse on the market and tell you what the people want to hear.
  • Suppression list. If you're trying to be unique, you might want to avoid using these words in your songwriting. However, some of these words are so ordinary that you may have trouble completing thoughts without them.
  • Song prompts. Word clouds make great song prompts. Use the list to come up with song titles, song plots, opening lines, or any other lyrical idea.

A few other interesting facts about the lyrics used to create this word cloud...

  • Number of words: 41892
  • Number of syllables: 54355
  • Number of words used only once: 1338

Here's what to do next...

Grab your Speed Songwriting Cheat Sheet, brainstorm a title, and finish a song!

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One Response to The Most-Used Words Of The 2016 Billboard Hot 100 Songs

  1. Nate Ratto May 14, 2017 at 10:53 AM #

    Can I get a count on them # of times "panda" was used? Lol, seriously though if that was a hit I clearly missed out.

    Nate Ratto aka NATRAT

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